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12:45 : How to keep fit and use a computer at the same time.
So you spend your entire day sitting at computer tappign away not gettign enough exercise. Well I have the answer for you replace your keyboard with an eye toy , a ddr mat and a pair of Samba de Amigo maracas.
So your wondering how you can then type with this well think of it as chords.
So for example for an 'a':
up on the ddr
right hand strecthed out to left to be picked up by the eye toy.
one shake on the left hand maracas

so a move like this for every key on the key board and say for instance a double shake for shift obvioulsy not every key need be so complicated.

There are however several problems with this.
1) Companies will need to buy more powerful aircon. A room full of sweaty geeks isnt good
2) Code will probably become a lot shorter and only really fit people will bother with comments.
3) you can probably only do it for short bursts.

Poll #524928 crazy ness


good idea
bad idea
wait there while the men in white coats turn up
less booze for you
stay off the crack man

this post was bought to you by random conversations in the pub and the cold light of day where it still seems like a good idea :)

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Date:20050702 20:57 (UTC)
4) bob's spêllling will get even zorse

Don't look at me funny, this is an azerty keyboard!
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Date:20050702 22:48 (UTC)
indeed. i for one am awaiting my direct neural jack. ;) that or to be uploaded at the time of the singularity.
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Date:20050703 16:32 (UTC)
An eye-toy recognition system for BSL would also be cool...
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