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20:10 : Great LJ( and others) pie off and bake off: the return
Since i won beth's Great LJ pie off of 2005
I get to organise the next round. Which shall be the great LJ (and others)
Pie and Bake Off 2005: the return
This will be held in Croydon at PVR (addres supplied upon request(elvum'sgaff for those of you who know where that is.)) since my
flat is a bit small and has no garden. Mainly because the date of the
contest is 28th August so it shold be nice and sunny.

Since I am the master of the pie i thought we should bake things to.

So there will be categories for Cakes and Biscuits but im sure other will
appear as we have the contest.

So in conclusion:-
What: Make pies and cakes. have them judged and eaten by others.
when: from about 1pm 28th of August 2005
where: A house in croydon.

More details to follow or something.

To be announced on LJ right about now.

beth if you want to point your adoring fans this way :)

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