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Boston - Sabbatical Days 10-13

So Ive got behind on writing my travels up. I had hoped to do one a day but having fun and this laptop being annoying got in the way.

Day 10

Got woken up by a text from my parents and a call from a BT engineer. Couldnt get back to sleep so went for breakfast which wasnt very good so didnt do it again in the hostel.
Walked the Freedom Trail and saw lots of old things by US standards. Shopped in a Radioshack for a US pay-as-you-go sim so I could have data on my phone at a not silly rate.
Drank beer in the "Oldest" Tavern in the USA and had Crab Cakes. My parents had also been to the oldest tavern but elsewhere. Went to another tavern and drank beer. Rode the orange line back into town. Went to the aquarium and saw penguins. Met my parents in an Irish pub then went for dinner with them at an okay seafood place. Used earplugs to get a proper nights sleep.

Day 11

Went to the Sam Adams Brewery and did thier tour and tasting. As the only person who hadnt had Sam Adams Boston lager before i was asked what I thought of it. I said it was okay for a lager. The tour guide said they were unlikely to use that in their next marketing campaign. :)

I then took the Party Trolley Bus to Doyle's for lunch. Where I had a decent enough burger. Although I never saw my first one because it want rare enough according to the waitress. So I got a free beer which is always a bonus. The wings they did were pretty good aswell.

Shopped in a CVS for ear plugs and soem other stuff.

Met up with [personal profile] mjg59 and his wife for beers and dinner at Bukowski's. Spilt beer on one of my white shirts. Tempted to send it back to [personal profile] kake to get it dyed. Got drenched on my way back to my hotel.

Day 12

Walked to the Harpoon Brewery brewery for their 14:00 tasting session. I was early so I had lunch at the nearby Yankee Lobster. The lobster roll was very tasty. The calamri were well executed and came with tentacles.

So I tried all the beers during the tasting. The pumpkin UFO did taste of pumpkin pie. My favourite was possibly the Dark.

After that I went to the JFK Museum and Library which was fine.

I then went to Davis Square for BBQ at Redbones. I sat a the counter it was quite fascinating to watch the staff prepare the meals. They were very quick and efficient although if youre a Veggie I wouldnt recommend going there. Which given it was a bbq place is unsurprising but they only had one pot of boiling water and it wasnt only veggies which got cooked in it. I had one of thier beer cocktails which was a mix of youngs double chocolate stout and a liefmann's Framboise. It was very tasty even if the Framboise overpowered the chocolate quite a bit. I was defeated by the plate of meat I ordered and the free deep fried shrimp. Although I did have a very tasty slice of Pecan Pie for dessert.

After that it was still quite early so I decided to catch a movie since there was a cinema on the way to the station. I watched Cowboys and Aliens. It was quite fun to watch and not as silly as you might expect.

Day 13

The day I left Boston for Nashville.

Started the Morning with packing and then checking out. I then sat around for a bit reading and using the internet before walking to Boston's Chinatown for some lunch. The restaurant I picked was a dim sum trolley place so really quite exciting. I gorged myself on dim sum and tea and only managed to spend $30. I then went and caught the Silverline from South Station to the Airport.
Where I then had quite a wait for my plane which was then also delayed. So I sat in a bar and read and drank beer. The incoming delays had repercussions at charlotte which was our first stop. There was a another plane at our gate so we had to wait for it to move. Which would have been fun if you were trying to make a connection but since I was staying on the plane to Nashville it was fine. On the Charlotte leg I talked to a management consultant about rugby and the riots back home. Then on the Nashville leg I talked to a father and son who have a hunting business although the son was also doing Graphic Design at College.

Adam picked me up at Nashville in his leaf and then showed the sights of Nashville by car.

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