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GBBF day 1 - Sabbatical day 4

The forth day of my sabbatical was the first day of the gbbf. As a season ticket holder (the next few days posts might get quite repetitive) I can get into the trade session on Tuesday afternoon to get a head start on every one else.

First half pint at the gbbf

As is usual I started with a half of HSB and carried on from there.
In total I drank 20 halves and had a taste of the Fuller's Brewers Reserve No. 3 which wasn't really my thing.
The best beer I had was the Dunham Massey Chocolate Cherry Mild. I hope to keep untappd up to date with the beers I'm drinking.

I also ate 2 bags of pork scratchings but didnt find any hairy ones yet.

I resisted the urge to play any of the games to win stuff I don't need.

I had 9 texts from work.

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