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Im sure I've bored lots of you about this already. This year I will be circumnavigating the Globe for 4 months. 2 months of which will be for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Today I finalised the flights I will be taking so now know what my Itinerary will be.


7th-11th Boston
11th-16th Nashville visiting Adam and Beth
16th-22nd Reno for Renovation
22nd-26th Las Vegas
26th-2nd San Francisco


2nd-5th Los Angeles
5th-7th the pacific while losing a day.

September 7th - October 25th New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. I have tickets for every match England can play in.


25th-29th Sydney
29th-7th Singapore


7th-13th Kuala Lumpur
13th-18th Ho Chi Minh City
18th-23rd Bangkok
23rd-30th Hong Kong
30th -> London

So now I'm looking for tips on where to stay(or indeed offers of crash space), what to see and where to eat.

Of course Im also open to offers for meeting up for drinks while Im passing through your area. Im always up for drinks. hmmm tasty beer.
Which is why for the first week of August I will mostly be at the GBBF. Just to make sure I've drunk enough real ale to keep me going until I get back :).

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