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Upcoming beer festivals

since i scoured london drinker for this information i should probably post it for general consumption.

prince of wales tw2 5qr september 17th-19th
bricklayers september 22nd-26th
hope sm5 2pr september 23rd-26th locale harvest beers
rose's se18 6ne september 24th-26th
sultan october 1st-2nd
wallington(aka croydon) beer fest october 14-16th
hope sm5 2pr october 21st-24th east of england beers
le gothique october 28th - 31st
hope sm5 2pr november 25th-28th dark ales
pigs ear e5 0pu 30th November- 4th December

Of those I will be going to:
bricklayers 23rd september
wallington 14th october
hope 21st october (possibly)
le gothique 28th october
im also ponderign the pigs ear. even if it is is hackney.

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