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14:47 : 64 and counting
Its warm and sunny in spain. Although it is cloudy at the moment. I seem to have tanned quite a lot already.

The trip down was relatively uneventful. We did Godalming to La Mora in just under 18 hours in the car. We actually did the eurotunnel to the french/spanish border in just under 11 hours.

We had 62 confirmed sightings of windsocks[1] in france. We think there were another 2 but didnt see them. One of the ones we missed was on the villau viaduct. which is pretty impressive.

Biggest sign the machines are taking over is that one of the roadsigns told me i was going to fast. It did freak me out a bit.

Finished 1 book so far. House of suns. I had stopped reading this after about 100 pages a few months ago but made an effort to carry on during this holiday and it was worth it. Obviously just a slow start. Now finally reading Executive Orders by Tom Clancy after having owned it for about 5 years. Its been pretty good so far. I get the impression I might be missing stuff by not having read the previous book but I dont feel to out of the loop. A lot of what you need to know gets regurgitated.

[1] Windsocks are an important part of every car journey. honest.

Current Location: La Mora, Spain
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Date:20090520 14:08 (UTC)
So, pub tomorrow?
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Date:20090520 14:12 (UTC)
im sure i will be in a drinking establishment. if the rest of you can make it is another matter though. :)
you can discuss it amongst yourselves.
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