bob (rjw1) wrote,

A day at the rugby.

Circles @ Bermondsey

So yesterday I went to Twickenham to watch South Africa beat England. (well humilate actually but at least we didnt play as badly as we did in the pool game in last years world cup.)
In our continueing quest to photograph everything on RGL I went to Strawberry Hill from Waterloo to grab a few photos on the way into Twickenham. So I've now ticked off the Prince Albert, the Prince Blucher, the Prince of Wales and Sagar. Although I need to go back to two of the pubs at some point to sample thier wares. The strawberry hill train is strange because its final destination keeps on changing until you get to strawberry hill at which point it becomes a waterloo train. This is because it's on the Kingston Loop Line.

Before the match there was soem confusion about which pub we were meeting in. So we ended up in the Grand Union which was okay and makes a change from the Cabbage Patch.

After the match we went back to the Grand Union to watch the welsh match. Who played a lot better than we did.

Then we went to Clapham to find an Indian Restaurantfor dinner. The first one we stumbled upon was Indian Moment which was pretty good if not a little full.

We finished the evening with a quick pint in the dependable Falcon. Which I recommend if you want a quick pint near Clapham Junction Station
Tags: indian, pubs, rgl, rugby, twickenham
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