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14:02 : Double Standards
When I commute into work I always think why do the people Ive followed up from the Jubilee Line at Westminster bother to get on a tube to St Jame's Park when they should just walk and not fill up the carriages.
Yet when I leave the Buckingham Arms after a few beers I'm quite happy to take the tube for that one stop. Does this make me a hypocrite?

Then again it is quite a walk and at least I didnt take a taxi home instead.

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Date:20081121 14:12 (UTC)
I have similar thoughts about the people who travel the one stop from Holborn to Chancery Lane, cramming their way on to cattle truck carriages for that one stop, when walking would normally take less time than waiting for a train.

But then again, I am sat down laughing at them, so I win either way.
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Date:20081121 14:28 (UTC)
I've done that! Mainly because I wanted to explore Chancery Lane Station though. Also because I was bored of all the other ways to get from Holborn Station to Doughty Street. Also also because it wasn't actually peak rush hour at the time.
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Date:20081121 14:50 (UTC)
indeed. it gwets to me more that they are using space im trying to cram myself into as well.
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Date:20081126 13:18 (UTC)
It's more efficient if you're already in the Underground system and were changing lines.
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Date:20081121 14:15 (UTC)
There are many absurd tube journeys in the world. I arrive at Victoria and need to get to Oxford Circus in the morning, which is a bit of a stretch to walk, but the idea of trying to get on the Vic line at Victoria at peak morning hours makes me get the bus instead. St James's Pk isn't such a walk really, though it's along the unattractive Victoria St.
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Date:20081121 19:19 (UTC)
Well, it was quite late at night...
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