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17:09 : Work
$newjob is okay. Im almost used to getting up at 7am for a 9am start. The leaving at 17:30 is quite good though.

The best bit of course is having a new area to explore for RGL review purposes. Chiswick it would seem has a lot of good restaurants and pubs. Ive only had go to two(Oriental Brasserie and Yupa's of them twice and thats because other people wanted to go. I still havent run out of new places to try. One of which is michelin starred(La Trompette) and another which is the sister restaurant to Le Cassoulet


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Date:20080406 17:08 (UTC)
Goodluck with the new job. I tried to live in Chiswick once because it is so nice. Am quite envious.
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Date:20080406 20:21 (UTC)
Oh, I should try and grab you for lunch some time then when I'm out that way. How strict are they on lunch hour ?

the hatter
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Date:20080406 22:03 (UTC)
not very. although ive not tried more than an hour yet :)
but i can take that hour at any point.

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