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16:50 : eastercon 2008
I went to my first Eastercon at easter. I enjoyed myself. Who knew that going to programme items could be fun. All the items with Neil Gaiman were great even other panelists did seem to defer to him. I really enjoyed the critical items i went to. The not the clarke awards was particulary great. I also did a fair few of the comic panels.
China Mieville GoH spot was very good. Charlie Strosses was okay but it was stuff i mostly knew anyway. The funniest panel was almost certainly sex and the singularity.

The beer was pretty good in the real ale bar and on the monday night I even talked to random people I didnt already know. I even geeked out about the eee with Charlie Stross and someone else at David Devereux. Also Charlie showed off his sony ebook reader. Very shiny it was.

Im thinking about going to LX next year. Although Im not entirely sure about the guests. I certainly intend to go to Odyssey in 2010. Since Im a big fan of two of the guests and Heathrow isnt Bradford. Possibly as soul destorying but a lot closer to home. Not that I felt the need to flee as much as I thought I might have done. Although breakfast was a bit scary at times.

I also found a few pubs outside the hotel whilst I was there. I had to escape from the fans. There was only so much I could take. :) things within 2k of the radisson edwardian

hmm this seems to have actually turned into a coherent con report. How strange. Blarp


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Date:20080406 16:05 (UTC)
Go to LX. You'll have fun
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Date:20080406 16:40 (UTC)
Go to LX, it'll be fantastic! Not that I'm biased at all.
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Date:20080406 16:49 (UTC)
Go to LX. And Odyssey too of course :)

You've got a year to swot up on the guests, plus being at a con is all about the great atmosphere, with the guests a lovely bonus.
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Date:20080406 18:15 (UTC)
Dammit I knew I should have gone. Although I felt so blargh over Easter I needed the rest and abandoning Sarah would not have gone down well.
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Date:20080406 18:35 (UTC)
The urge to flee hits me at least once every con.
I think it's just the intensity of being in a limited amount of space with so many people for so long.
Sometimes you just need an hour or two away from the rest of the con.
I went for a walk to that village down the road and then came back again.
It recharged me wonderfully.
I'm going to next years Eastercon.
One of the reasons is Dirk Maggs. He produced the Dirk Gently CDs which were recently released. The things he did with sound imagery are quite amazing. I am in awe of his talent.
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