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17:27 : Writer's Block: Bump In The Night
What are you afraid of?

Not a lot really. although horror films do make me feel queasy at times. I think I may have developed a fear of heights in recent years.

(this post mostly so sulkyblue has something to read. Also i though i would see what the writers block link on the front page does. )

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Date:20070724 17:35 (UTC)
Aw! Aren't you sweet!

I am afraid of enclosed spaces and anything small and flappy that I think will get stuck in my hair or fly in my ear (traumatised as a young child by an episode of casualty featuring a woman with a moth in her ear).

I also have a healthy fear of pain, suffering, ickiness and Tuesdays.
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Date:20070724 18:52 (UTC)
Aw! Aren't you sweet!


why tuesdays?
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Date:20070725 07:56 (UTC)
oh, i hadn't noticed that feature yet! neat.
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