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22:56 : What i did this week.
So last week i did a couple of things.
One day for lunch I went to the Narrow Boat. It was tasty.

On Thursday night I went for a couple at the Eagle instead of the Wenlock. Then joined the usual reprobates and a bonus guest at the Bavarian Beerhouse where I was defeated by the pork shank but overcame the Porno-Brause(4.6Mb mp4 file). A german drink where you put a packet of sherbert in your mouth then a vodka and finally you shake your head. Its intense and so very sweet. The beer was tasty too and the europop and umpah music not to bad.

Today I went to Croydon and finally used my shiny new Surrey CC membership card to get into the match being played at Whitgift. Surrey Lost :( It was exciting though. Roll on the twenty20 games.

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Date:20070604 09:28 (UTC)
Here's Greg's attempt. :)
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Date:20070604 09:43 (UTC)
I'm absolutely sure that the sherbet tasted better with the vodka than it did with the Dunkelbier.

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Date:20070604 11:42 (UTC)
The food at the Narrowboat is indeed tasty - when we lived just down the road from it we used to go every couple of weeks for dinner.
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