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17:40 : NYE
Since everyone seems to be planning NYE things and so i dont have to keep on repeating myself. Im on call till midnight on the 31st of December so unless you happen to be holding a party within about 5 minutes of my flat im unlikely to turn up and i certainly wont be drinking hard until midnight. I may also disappear to stare at a computer every so often.

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Date:20061108 17:42 (UTC)
It's entirely likely that there'll be a party five minutes from your flat.
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Date:20061108 17:43 (UTC)
indeed. :)
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Date:20061112 20:09 (UTC)
I am going to be doing something similar... I will be on holiday in NY at the time, but unfortunately it is my turn to be on call on NYE. But it's ok because I can just go to the NY office :)
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