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09:51 : two from the top and one from the bottom
someone out their found the right incantation to find some countdown slash


which leads to http://www.stealthattackkitty.co.uk/pulp/fics/countdown.html

which while it is countdown slash its not what i was really looking for.

it would also seem my last post is now the top result for the google search it mentioned. i have the fear

Current Mood: fear
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Date:20061001 20:11 (UTC)
Yes, that's a little creepy... eek... let's er, hope other people start writing Countdown slash. Hmm that has to be wrong. Non_trivial said the worst thing would be Richard and the bloke from dictionary corner.
Date:20061103 16:34 (UTC)

I was named for Hannah Gordon. And my sister is the spitting image of Carol Vorderman.

I'm now scared beyond belief.
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Date:20061103 16:39 (UTC)

all fan fic is scary
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