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23:34 : Spiral
Tonight ive been catching up with Spiral which my trusty pvr has been recording when I remember to tell it. The series is really very good and you should all watch it. shame ive told you too late since were up to the sisth episode but im sure channel bittorrent has it and indeed i suspect bbc beret will repeat it all at some point so keep your eyes open for it.
The one downside is that its subbed so you actaully have to pay attention to it instead of starign at your computer

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Date:20060704 05:21 (UTC)
The subtitles are, however, an advantage for the other person in the room who's trying not to be distracted by the teevee :) A language I only understand brief phrases of is much less distracting than one I understand all of.
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Date:20060716 16:29 (UTC)
My PVR cocked up episode 7 while I was away.

You don't happen to have a copy of this lying around as I've been unable to find it on torrent?
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