bob (rjw1) wrote,

its all gone a bit arthur dent

So this moring i was going about my morning routine. when there was lots of banging noises. i ignored the first few thinking it was just soemone doing diy too early. then i realised soemone was going round the doors systmatically and shouting. so i thought i should at least go and look. it was a policeman trying to evacuate us cause one of the flats in our block was on fire. So I went to wake up a very confused nou and then grab my essentials (wallet,phone,keys,travelcard) and a pair of sandals. of course im still only wearing my dressing gown.(which is better than just a towel that it is some morings) thankfully for kake i actually hadnt left otherwise i suspect she may not have heard.
We then made our way downstairs past the burning flat where the smoke was quite heavy.

the police already had quite a presence since they were trying to evacuate us. then the firemen turned up. who promptly put the fire out. however there is still lots of smoke so we have to wait for about 2 hours for it to ventilate before going in. thankfully johnckirk hadnt left for work yet so me and kake went to his place. kake to get more sleep and me to write this entry and inform the tame hippies at abel & cole to not be surprised if we arnt there.

it was very strange walking down south end with only a dressing gown on.
Tags: fire
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