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15:39 : rss to mail yet again.
in my continuing quest to get rss feeds into my mail client i have shifted solutions twice.
Squeet lost my settings. just as i was about to back up my opml. So i moved over to newspipe. however newspipe had issues on my colo box. it would absolutely hammer it every so often. so i moved to rssfwd. which seems to work. i would be tempted to go back to newpipe if i had a better colo box ( it will get racked soon. bob crosses fingers)

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Date:20060611 14:39 (UTC)
There's a great python script on the web somewhere...
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Date:20060611 14:41 (UTC)
newspipe! which yes is great except for the crippling machines
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Date:20060611 14:42 (UTC)
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