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Reading RSS

So we live in a world where blogs are everywhere and some of them even contain useful content. However its tedious to remember to go to all of them to catch up especially if you know they dont post that often its not so bad for prolific bloggers. People invented rss to get round this. So you could aggregrate all your reading by subscribing to these feeds. people wrote rss readers which grabbed them and displayed them nicely for you. however i hate guis. the only one i can just about bare is for my web browser since most of the content is graphical and stuff and doesnt really look that good in lynx and even i cant bring my self to use w3m with the image hack.

Cause i hate guis this sort of rules out most rss readers. also i dont like ones that much either. lj is almost okay as one but you can end up havign to go back a long to read them all. there is one terminal rss reader i have found ( snonews) however that sucked. i once even tried using blagg with bloxsom to roll my own planet like thing.

however i do like my mail client ( pine ( yes i know i shoudl use mutt but i liek pine more)). however the rss to email things ive seen before have sucked. however i think i have found the answer. squeet. it even has useful browser plugins.
so now if i see an interestign blogi can add it to that and not have to remember where it is. there is however some things to hate about it but im prepared to live with them. since its most probably pines fault.

althogh havign just read a bit of thier site they might be M$ running dogs. still works for me
Tags: blogs, rant, rss, software
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