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22:14 : lotr:rotk
Godamm lotr:rotk really should finish about 15 minutes earlier.
In fact i think it should finish just before frodo and sam are rescued from mount doom. If not then certainly after the coronation bit.
also sam and frodo should just get over it and have sex.

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Date:20060319 22:32 (UTC)
Yeah, they could easily skip the whole "farewell to the Shire" business, especially when the audience are bursting for the toilet :)
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Date:20060320 01:18 (UTC)
They needed to have sex from the end of the first film onwards, IMO.
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Date:20060320 12:43 (UTC)
Because we all know that everyone is getting horny from all the Legolas / Gimli sex!
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Date:20060320 09:34 (UTC)
In the book, there are /huge/ bits of story forward of that point. In the movie, there's the corination scene, which makes a good ending for the movie -- we get to see the characters have their rewards. After that, we're supposed to see the hobbits go back to the shire, and see that the hobbits, and especially the non-Frodo hobbits, have grown up and found their courage, and see Frodo unable to return home, and go into the West. Without the Scouring of the Shire, the second ending makes no sense, and should have been cut.
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Date:20060323 10:43 (UTC)
i think there should be an extra 30 minutes for the recovery of the shire.
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