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As you may remember one of my new years resoloutions was to go swimming at least once a week. Which was easy enough to do when i was resting between jobs, however the week before i stareted my new job i cam down with flu so really didnt feel like swimming and since i have started ive not really had time. After getting the compnay to cough up the corporate memebrship of the local swiming and gym facilities ( they are just across the road) i went swimming today. Which is the second time this week if you think weeks start on sundays since i had a bracign swim in my parents outdoor pool on sunday. 30 metre pools are very long. i did manage at least 10 laps though.
swimmign in lanes is very bizarre but good for the discipline other wise i might just pratt about.

the ironmonger row baths are a typical ex-council type of affair. all a bit tatty but cheap. proper gyms are nicer but a lot more expensive.
later this week i might explore the gym options.
however form now on i intend to go swimming every tuesday. makign it a routien will help.

god my arms and back ache.

this post to you because im waiting for things to install
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