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hardware and software sucks

For those who care if installing a IBM xSeries 300 with debian Sarge with a 2.6 kernel if you want your onboard eepro100s to work you need to add noapic to kernel options for booting. And indeed most other things.

This fact has caused me much pain for last 3 days. i only eventually found the right magic incantations after forcing the kernel to use the eepro100 module instead of the e100 module. it then gave more useful error messages which lead me to the right answer after suitable google-fu.
the answer

and this is why i hate linux. give me back solaris and sun hardware dammit.

16:53 <@bob> hardware-- # sucky
16:53 <@bob> software-- # sucky
16:53 <@adam> computers-- # sucky squared

says it al really
Tags: debian, hate, ibm, kernel, linux, suck
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