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13:54 : 3 things
1) mcdonalds is still crap and doesnt provide enough food for a growing boy
2) Ginsters scotch egg bars are wrong. your egg should not be mixed with mayonaise
3) The pink and white Nougat bars are tasty.

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Date:20060223 17:20 (UTC)
But egg + mayo = mmmtastilicious.
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Date:20060223 17:30 (UTC)
indeed it is. however its wrong in a scotch egg.
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Date:20060223 20:44 (UTC)
worse are the pretend scotch eggs that ni fact have coldslaw in ....
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Date:20060223 23:12 (UTC)
Those are usually called 'buffet bars' or something equally silly. Stealth ones would just be poor show old chap.
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Date:20060223 18:12 (UTC)
I think you've finished growing now, dear. You are nearly thirty, after all.

I once had a scotch egg with ham and cheese in the middle. That was slightly unexpected.
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