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15:27 : chiropdy
So the ohter day i realised that my ingrowing toenails were getting bad again and in fact one of the ones which had been done already was starting to dig in again. So i had started to look for chiropodists near old street and croydon and was goign to start ringing round to make an appointment. However this morning since i was made to go via old street instead of farringdon i walked past a pharmacy which suggested they had a chiropodist. I decided to go back at lunch time and least enquire about it. In fact he had soem free time so saw me over lunch. So now my toes hurt less. It would seem it costs 30 quid for basic stuff. If i wanted to have the full surgical stuff to remove the sides completley it would cost 250 squid.

in fact he was one of the ones i found yesterday.

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