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lemon squeezers!

nou seems to think that she needs a lemon squeezer.
She wants one like this. quite frankly she cant have that one. ;)
but not one like this
personally ithink we need one like this.
who could resist one which looks like an alien spaceship.
this one is pretty cool too
if you want to make the entire thing less manual
those finns seem to have some pretty cool design ideas
the milk and sugar thing from there is pretty cool too
or perhaps we shoudl use a rock god to squeeze lemons
it would also seem that new zealanders wear lemon squeezers on their heads. it sure beats corks.

so anyway. has anyone seen lemon squeezers like but not made of wood? i couldnt find any in house of fraser earlier today.

could you tell ive possibly had a bit to drink
Tags: lazyweb, lemon, squeezer, urls
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