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book meme

So TIME have picked their 100 best english language novels from 1923 to present.

this i feel calls for a meme.

So how many have you read?


which ones have you read? (or indeed havent if thats a quicker way to do it)

Animal Farm ( i think)
Lord of the Flies
The Lord of the Rings
Snow Crash
To Kill a Mockingbird

Do you have anything to say in your defence?

Well what i can say i like reading SF. the only time i really stray outside SF is for biographies and triva books. all though erudite_knights helps me pick up other things. To kill a mockingbird is only their cause it was a book i did for english gcse. Althoug i did enjoy it unlike far from the maddening crowd. Lord of the flies is the same.
Also ive seen quite a few of them as films. which is why im confused about animal farm. there are some quite shameful things i havent read like 1984 and Ubik
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