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16:57 : meme propergated from d_floorlandmine

A - Accent: - the queens english. although i suppose its more esturary these days
B - Breakfast Item: - honey nut bran flakes
C - Chore you hate: - washing cutlery. not that i do the washing up but thats the one bit i really hate
D - Dad's Name: - colin
E - Essential everyday item: - well my glasses. not that i cant walk aroun dwithout them but i do prefer things to have distinct edges
F - Flavour ice cream: - vanilla
G - Gold or Silver?: - silver looks better although im still annoyed people have stopped making electronic equipment in black.
H - Hometown: - Godalming, how domiciled in croydon
I - Insomnia: - can sleep when i want. soemtimes it may take half an hour but its never a problem. (as long as i have my pillows)
J - Job Title: - god or i suppose sysadmin
K - Kids: - are tasty baby goats
L - Living arrangements: - 2 bedroom flat full of books and other crap. kake also seems to live here
M - Mom's birthplace: - a house in berkshire
N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: - well since im still on my first girlfriend i would say thats one
O - Overnight hospital stays: - none in my memory
P - Phobia: - ringing people i dont know on the phone. them ringing me is fine. i may have also developed a slight fear of heights
Q - Queer?: - no just slightly odd
R - Religious Affiliation : - atheist
S - Siblings: - One younger brother who has finally left home. apart from using the shower everyday.
T - Time you wake up: - 9ish currently. lets see what the new job brings
U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: - well there ws that pink wig at adamnbeths wedding
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: - wont eat mushy peas if they are too runny. otherwise i dont really care at all
W - Worst habit: - procrastination. possibly.
X - X-rays you’ve had: - teeth all the time cause im a bad boy. i think i must have had my arm x-rayed once
Y - Yummy: - beer and meat!
Z - Zodiac sign: - libra just

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