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14:01 : dentistry

So this morning i went to have 2 of my roots pulled out. it was fun. i hardly noticed as he was pullign them out. the tool he used to do the cleanign on my teeth however was less fun. at one point it really hurt whiel he was doign stuff on the top row near my gums but hohum it did get rid of 5 years of crap.

So now i have 2 blood clots where there used to the stubs of teeth. the teeth actually having broken apart a couple of years ago. The pain once the anatetic had worn off was quite intense but seesm to have gone away now.
It was fun spitting blood for about 4 hours while the holes clotted. Now to eat soup for the rest of the day and i suppose finish writign my cv.

Current Mood: pained
Current Music: kake blending soups


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Date:20051220 15:01 (UTC)
That sounds horrible - but glad you're OK.
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Date:20051220 15:41 (UTC)
Ice cream and jello are the canonical post-dentistry foods. It's as good an excuse as any. ;)
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