September 20th, 2010



So, real soon now I get older.

This would normally be a year where I shun human contact on my birthday but since I will be in New Zealand for it next year I suppose I should do something with friends this year. I normally alternate so I only have to herd cats once every two years.

The plan is too drink tasty beer at the Dog & Bell on the 22nd of October.

[personal profile] kake and I will be having lunch in Bethnal Green before hand. So I would expect to be at the pub sometime between 16:00-17:30 if not earlier. Turn up whenever you want.

We might be bringing travel scrabble and travel boggle along if those things excite you. I could also be persuaded to play bar billiards if you twist my arm. :)

As you can see this plan involves very little cat herding or indeed planning. See you there if you want to come but don't feel you have to.

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