June 11th, 2006


Storage Solutions/ my new shiny thing.

Since ive finally uploaded the pictures of it i suppose i should tell you all about my1 new shiny thing.
nou was running of space to store her growing colllection of mp3s and tv eps and i had acquired a source of tv eps which woudlnt cause me the pain of nou whingeing about me using all the bandwidth. So i started to look into storage solutions.
I had a couple of prereqs.

  1. standalone and remote manageable
  2. capable of doing nfs natively. since the OSs i use dont have smbmount (yet) and hacking your new expensive thing isnt fun anymore
  3. shiny

basically point 2 rules out the terastations available at the time since they dont do nfs without you hackign it.
so i had to look for a another choice. Reading a blog entry i found out about infrant. they do NASs which do nfs. i went for a ReadyNAS NV which i got through eageis

it is very cool. weve already used 25% of its capacity

[1] ours possibly since i made kake cough up for half of it.

rss to mail yet again.

in my continuing quest to get rss feeds into my mail client i have shifted solutions twice.
Squeet lost my settings. just as i was about to back up my opml. So i moved over to newspipe. however newspipe had issues on my colo box. it would absolutely hammer it every so often. so i moved to rssfwd. which seems to work. i would be tempted to go back to newpipe if i had a better colo box ( it will get racked soon. bob crosses fingers)