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le weekend of debauchery

So friday was my last friday at work. This was celebrated in many ways. For lunch we went to our local greasy spoon. Where i had a builder with 10 extra bacon, 1 extra egg and extra mushrooms. I also swapped the tomato for one of martin's sausages. hmm tasty grease. We also had a coupl e of bottles of red wine which wernt bad given that they were only 5 quid each.
So after this grease over load i was obvioulsy ready for a nights drinking later on. So that is what happened. As traditional most of the company went the devonshire which as usual was shite and packed. So a splinter group of us went to the britannia which youngs have ruined in a recent refit. it turned in tothe worst sort of poncy gastropub. however it still has decent beer and room and somewhere for us to sit. what followed was quite a beery eveing with one of my cow-orkers revealing far to much infomation about things which happened at the christmas party. This same cow-orker later inteh eveing spent a good 5 minutes humping a fake poinsetta whilst trying to pull one of the bar staff. So a good night. pubs closing at 1am are dsangerous it makes gettign home fun.
So i take a taxi to victoria since one turned up before the bus did. ( im sure it didnt used to cost 15quid to get from kensington to victoria) At which point i find the gates closed at victoria. fire alert or something. So stand around for 15 minutes then they let us in. then the train is delayed and full of people. (cheddar and mango chutney crisps are tasty by the way) So i finally make it back to east croydon at about 3am. At which point its obvioulsy time for a kebab. Hmm tasty kebab. it would also seem that 3:20 is the time the local police go for their kebabs. So i make it back finally at about 3:30 then stay up to 5 eatign kebab and drinking squash.
I then manage about 7 hours sleep.
Give kake her christmas present since doop went away on sunday. She seemed happy with it.
Then went off to the house of icsf party when i ate lots of food and won trivial pursuit yet again.
Spent yesterday installign kake's christmas present and getting my solicitor to sigh stuff. talking of which i can reccomend them for any employment legal stuff you might want. Thomas Mansfield

Which gets us to today which is my last day. tongiht were off for steaky goodness at el gaucho in south ken.

Tags: bacon, beer, grease, humping, party, solicitors
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