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01:53 : beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
so last night ( well it will be by the time most of you read it) i went with martin and adam to a couple of pubs and a restaurant(which i would link to on the openguide to london but they seem to no longer exist).

there is point honest. yesterday (bonus pedant point) was the first day of the new licencenig law regime. So we went for a pint after our curry. Very convivial it was too. although quite frankly after couple of bottles of lionhead stout i really didnt need anohter pint of young's best.

supposedly all young's pubs have been told to open for the full amount of hours they got. unlike lots of pubs where they may have applied for extra hours but may not actually use them.

so the princess of wales is open till midnight every night. yes even sunday. there even open in the afternoon

hmmm i best stop now.

honest there was point once but i think the beer took over.
anyway the drunken inge drinking mpredicted by lots of papers really didjnt seem to be evidence.
in fact one of the bar staff said that oneof the blokes htey normally get in to order 2 pints just before 11 did exactly the same even thogh they would have served him until 12.

im still rambling i really shoudl stop shouldnt i .
hmm i think this post needs more typos.
i really shouild stop looking at the keyboard whileim typing.

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Date:20051125 09:22 (UTC)
Is the point you're trying to fight through the beer that people will stick to their old habits for a while? :)
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Date:20051208 13:42 (UTC)
possibly. although i doubt there was really a point. :)
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