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the scandinavian animal men conspiracy

Following on from other peoples conspiracy theories.
I feel i should be like any good conspiracy theory nut and publish mine to the web.

The world is not controlled by the fremasons or indeed the illumanti not even the knights templar but in fact the scandinavian animal men.

Whose members comprise:-
the swedish lizard men
the norwegian armadillo men
the danish echidna men
the finnish bear men
the icelandic ocelot men

these are of course all shape shifters so we never see their true form. They only unconciously reveal their true forms when the light from tau ceti reflects off the moon onto them.
They are the reason why there is still no effective fusion for general use.
They also encourage global warming so their homelands will no longer be cold in winter
They also killed diana because she found out the truth.
The high numbers of lager drinkers are also their fault. Carlsberg is merely a way to fund their other activities.
The war in iraq was their way to weaken their enemies the middle-eastern plant men ( Saddam is a notable iraqi begonia man(next will be the iranian mistletoe men))
Tags: animalmen, conspiracy, kook, lizardmen, scandinavia
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