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So last night while nursing a database move I happened to be watching men and motors. A programme called 'All the gear .... No Idea' came on. The idea is to turn a some one with a bike and bad taste into clothes into a style icon.

So last nights episode fetured a 17 year old perfectly respectable looking goth/geek/metaller all in black with interesting piercings and long hair. They turned him into a chav as if thats a good fashion to have, So he now has annoying spikey hair and wears camo trousers and a camo jacket over a hoodie. at least it wast burberrry i suppose. He seemed to be happy about this.

They also modded his bike. So it now has a dvd player and screen and a sound system. How long before it gets nicked? Especially since he seemed to live in essex.

Also miami vice rocks. Last night they had ian mcshane doing a very bad columbian accent
Tags: chavs, tv
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