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So the guardain launched in a berliner format this week.
It is good. Its a lot easier to read and handle when commuting.
Its all a lot clearer. Althogh when i first saw the blue highlighting and underlining of some terms i thought they had forgotten to tell word to not make urls. :)
One problem ive had though is that ive had sections missing a couple of times. While missing wednesday wasnt the end of the world the Technology section today would have been nice though. Especially since having just looked at the digital version(currently free) it looked quite intersting.
Although this may of course have been WHsmiths fault.

Since it now a smaller size i now feel like reading more of it. Whereas before i would skip big chunks.

I await what they have done for saturday with baited breath.
also roll on the reformating of the observer.
Tags: berliner, guardian
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