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17:35 : cricket
So we won the cricket yay! About time. Since weve not had it since i started watchgin cricket which was about 1992 i think.
It just about makes up for all those years of pain. Hopefully now we can go on to defend it in asutralia and indeed for that matter win agaisnt everyone else. This winters tests in pakistan dn indika will be true test of how far we have come.

And so onto the main talking point. The loss of cricket during the summer on free to air.
This was inevitable as soon as it was delisted. The ECB need the money to fund the game at all levels.
Personaly i dont see it as much of a problem. Ive actaully "watched" most of the ahses this year by reading the cricinfo ball by ball updates. not even listening to it on the radio. The joys of work.(admitedly this was because it took till last saturday for me to work out the right incantations for mplayer) So quite frankly im happy with their only being highlights available since thats all i normally see anyway.
At the weeknds i can always listen to the radio. Admitiedly it does actually give me a compelling reason to think about getting sky. Its not as if we ever had the overseas tests on free to air.

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Date:20050916 04:49 (UTC)
If you get Sky, can I come visit more often? ;)
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