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mugeed by a market

So i took today off to do some baking in preperation for sunday and indeed flick's picnic tommorow. So wakign up slightly later than i had intended i watched a bit of cricket. Then went shopping after first having a Ballbusster breakfast at Phil's cafe. I got mugged by a european market on North End. So i am now the pround owner of intersting cured sausages made with interestign meats. One of which i intend to use in my pie. I also bought a metric fuckton of garlic. Purple and smoked. ALso some nice smelly cheese. I then managed to do the shopping i really needed to do.
I also went to the hippy shop adn bought hippy food.
Then i started watchign the cricket which is goign well. Ive yet to do any baking yet though.
Im hoping to manage to get up and get a radio workign in the kitchen so i can at least get soem stuff done tonight.

that is all
Tags: cheese, cricket, grease, meat, pie, slackness
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