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12:27 : PIE and CAKE and BISCUITS
This is your two week reminder about the pie off.
When: from about 1pm 28th of August 2005
What: the provision and consumption of pie and baked goods
Where: 31 Parkview Road [0], Croydon

Steve and I have been doign some forward planing and already have soem idea of
the categories. they follow
best pie, best faux pie, best pastry, most innovative pie, best traditional pie,
best sweet pie, best savoury pie, best use of vegetables, best use of meat, best
cake, best sponge product, best sweet biscuit, best savoury biscuit, best other
baked good, best cake decoration

we hope to also have an Innovative voting system.

[0] Info nicked from an email by steve

The nearest railway station is East Croydon; the nearest tram stop is Addiscombe
(incorrectly marked as "Bingham Road" on the map linked above). The 312 and 289
buses run past the end of our road (get off opposite the Co-op).

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Date:20050817 11:35 (UTC)
Are you still in touch with Claire Wardell? She has moved to Croydon and would probably like an invite.
[User Picture]
Date:20050817 11:45 (UTC)
cant say ive spoken to her for a couple(possibly more) of years. the email address i have must be out of date by now since its still her goldsmiths one. She more than welcome. wanan send me a current email address.
Date:20050817 12:16 (UTC)
try the goldsmiths one. It was still working a short time ago.
She has a new hotmail one which I will send you too.

She loves proving that she is a good cook :-)
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