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00:44 : hmm i was on tv tonight.
So i was channel surfing about 10 minutes ago and happened across FTN and recognised the leader of North London Camra so i thought i would stay and watch this for bit. It was the A-Z of bad boys. while watching it some fuzzy memories came back to me and I remebred once beign interviewed at London Drinker a few years back. I then started to think i hope they dont use what i said. Guess what they did.
Although it does mean there has been yet anohter appearance of the psi-phi icsf shirt logo on TV. For those who care there was also a visual of Simon Cooper. oh and my beard was crap back then ( 2001 it would seem)
I would record the repeat but it clashes with L&O:SVU

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Date:20050725 19:56 (UTC)

Beer + Beard

I hope my beard was better then....
Be over for GBBF. See you there?

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Date:20050725 22:47 (UTC)

Re: Beer + Beard

your beard was fine.
i shoudl be there on thursday and friday.
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